Towns in Georgia and Texas adopted resolutions in late April requiring the head of every household to own a working firearm and ammunition, both non-binding symbolic gestures passed to show support for the Second Amendment.

The town council in Nelson, Ga., about 50 miles north of Atlanta, on April 29 passed its Family Protection Ordinance, requiring the head of every household to own a gun and the ammunition to feed it. It exempts felons and those with certain disabilities, and it comes without penalties for noncompliance.

According to Bob Adelmann of The New American, Nelson officials say they adopted the ordinance to “make a statement to local criminals scoping out the place, as well as to government officials looking to push federal restrictions on gun ownership.”

The next day in Gun Barrel City, Texas, the town council unanimously passed a nonbinding resolution that urges its 5,000-plus residents to buy a firearm if they don’t already own one.

According to NBC 5 of Dallas, Gun Barrel City Mayor Paul Eaton said he proposed drafting the resolution in response to the national debate over stricter gun control laws after the December mass shooting in Newtown, Conn.

It is uncertain how many other towns across the country already have ordinances or resolutions requiring at least one firearm in every household. In November, the town of Virgin in southern Utah passed an ordinance that requires every household to own a gun and ammunition. Other ordinances have been passed in Spring City, Utah, and Cherry Tree, Pa., largely as symbolic gestures, within the last few months.

The towns of Byron, Maine, and Craig, Co., are also considering similar laws. The Craig City Council’s proposed ordinance would require every household to own a sporting rifle equipped to hold a high-capacity magazine in protest of the Colorado State Legislature’s January adoption of a 15-bullet magazine limit.

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