New gun laws go into effect in at least four states on July 1, including in Mississippi, where state residents will have the right to openly carry firearms without a gun permit beginning Monday.

Guns are prohibited at schools, community colleges and universities. Landowners can ban people from bringing guns onto their property. County sheriff’s can also bar guns from courthouses.

Indiana’s new handgun law, which allows people to carry a handgun without a license inside their vehicles, goes into effect on Monday. The new law also allows people to carry a handgun without a license on their own property, if being carried to a shooting range for an instructional course, and during legal hunting seasons and times.

Starting July 1, Florida will allow any current military servicemember, or any honorably discharged U.S. armed forces veteran, to obtain a concealed weapons permit, even if he/she is younger than the minimum-required age of 21 for other CWP applicants.

Also starting Monday, Florida CWP fees are reduced to $70 for issuance and $60 for renewal.

A Tennessee gun law that allows handgun permit holders to store firearms and ammunition in their vehicles, no matter where they’re parked, goes into effect on Monday.

The firearm or ammunition must be locked within the trunk, a glove box, or interior of the vehicle or within a container that is “securely affixed” to the vehicle, and “kept out of ordinary observation.”

The law applies to all private and public parking lots, with the exception of lots at or near schools, public parks or playgrounds, or other public buildings or facilities.

For more information on the changes in each state, go to:

Missippippi, California, Indiania, Florida, Virginia, Tennessee, and Colorado.