Set up three targets, spaced about five yards from each other, ten to 15 yards down range and shoot them in order this order (6 shots total): 1, 2, 3, 3, 2, 1. Do this with either a handgun or rifle a few times and record your results with a timer. The catch is that only clean runs count–either with A-Zone hits on cardboard silhouettes or hits on 6-inch steel.

Now, if you want to drop at least one second from your times, do this…

Instead of pausing before each press of the trigger, which shooters typically do in order to make a precise hit, learn to shoot as your sights are drifting onto the target without stopping your swing.

This takes a bit of practice to master, but once you smooth out your technique, you’ll save about 0.2 seconds with each transition from one target to the next.

This is the real meaning of trigger control with dynamic shooting.

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