As the long-range frenzy continues, we should not forget that Weatherby has been specializing in rifles for extreme distances ever since the company was founded, and I mean hunting rifles, not tactical guns. Newest in their lineup is the Terramark RC, a Mark V with a special earth-tone camo stock and dirt-colored (sort of) metal finish on the receiver and fluted barrel.

“RC” stands for Range Certified, and attests to the fact that each of these rifles was fired at an indoor 100-yard range and produced sub-MoA groups with Weatherby ammo. You get the actual target, signed by Ed Weatherby. The rifle comes in .30/378, which is something of a revelation to shoot, because its bullets don’t seem to drop. The stainless barrel is 26 inches, with a muzzle brake, which you need, and is deeply fluted to save significant weight and promote cooling, which is nice when you’re burning as much powder as this round does. A great many factory barrels are fluted for cosmetic reasons, but this one is the real thing.

Two things to bear in mind about the Terramark RC: Like the rest of the Accu-Mark series, this one is put together to custom-rifle standards. Fit and finish are immaculate. Second, if you want to hunt with a rifle that will deliver the goods way out past 300 yards, you don’t have to carry some ungainly tactical rifle that can best be hauled by a team of mules. This is a practical sized rifle of manageable weight that is accurate enough for any big game and packs more than enough wallop to put it on the ground. The price is $3,000.