Nightforce was able to keep the costs down on its new SHV (Shooter, Hunter, Varminter) by utilizing simpler controls, employing a less complex manufacturing process, and by reducing the overbuilding that goes into their tactical scopes. The SHV will stand up to any kind of sane treatment, but you can’t break rocks with it, or chock truck tires, or beat recalcitrant mules, as you can with the higher-priced Nightforces.

It comes with a choice of two reticles (you can see these on the website), the MOAR and the IHR, which is much simpler, and would be my choice unless I wanted to shoot at very long range.

It’s a 4X-14X-56 variable with a 30mm tube, and sells for $1,195 with an illuminated reticle and $995 for non-illuminated models.