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Lots of shooters can probably recite the basic elements of a good trigger press, but do they put it into practice? To review: You want to position the trigger in the middle of the pad of your fingertip, and lay the finger straight across the face of the trigger so that it forms a right angle in relation to the barrel.

That accomplished, you need to isolate the movement of the trigger finger so that it applies pressure in a straight line to the rear of the gun. This is much harder to do than it sounds, as the tendency is to exert more pressure on one side of the trigger or the other, in effect pulling or pushing the trigger a tiny bit. That little bit of force will throw your shots off horizontally.

Lastly, you need to follow through with the trigger press, holding the trigger toward the rear of the firearm until the recoil has subsided.

To detect poor form, take a video of your trigger control the next time you go to the range.

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