Extreme Accuracy: How To Replace a Stock Trigger

Factory triggers have improved by orders of magnitude over the last dozen or so years, to the point where what used to be called "lawyer-proof" triggers can mostly be found on used gun racks and rarely on new guns.

While any firearm with a crappy trigger can benefit from an upgrade, even rifles with good triggers can do better with a great trigger installed.

This is particularly the case with any gun that will be used for precision work.

Triggers from Jewel, AR Gold, JP Enterprises, and other makers are all easy to install. They typically drop right into place, and it is rare that any extra work needs to be done to accommodate them.

For tools, a good set of punch pins and screwdrivers is about all that's needed. And should you run into trouble during the process, a call to the trigger maker's tech support line will get you squared away.

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