We’ve had a request from one of our industry friends for some help and are now reaching out to our Gun Shots audience.

Swab-Its is developing a new .50-caliber bore swab and they are looking to get some into the hands of several hundred folks to give them a try and provide feedback. The input you give will be used to help refine the product and make it better.

The person to contact is Pam Den Hartog and she is best reached via this email address:

If you think you can make use of these and provide some good data to her, please send her a note.

If you haven’t yet used any of the foam gun-cleaning swabs out there, you’re missing out. I picked up a couple packs about a year ago and find myself reaching for them for all kinds of chores beyond cleaning guns.

Case in point, I got a new set of reloading dies the other day and before you use the dies they need to be cleaned to remove the protective film they are coated with. You can do the job with regular cloth gun-cleaning patches, but they are a bit unwieldy. Foam swabs, on the other hand, are tailor made for the task.

I also like the fact that you can clean and reuse them. And, they’re cheap.