It happens like clockwork at every 3-Gun match I attend. About midway through the morning, shooters start to have disastrous stages during which their firearms stop working. ARs don’t feed, shotguns don’t cycle, and pistols grind to a halt. The culprit? Dirty guns.

This never seems to happen to the pro shooters, and the reason for that is they are cleaning their guns frequently. And by frequently, I mean that some of them field-strip and clean their guns and magazines between every stage if the conditions are particularly hideous.

I’ve taken to following their example.

Two little tools that have joined my permanent field kit are the Otis Bone Tool and the AR15 Scraper by Realavid. These simple devices can be used to clean all the elements that make up the bolt carrier group (BCG) in an AR.

The Otis Bone Tool ($24.99; is sized so that its ends can scrape carbon and fouling from the bolt and the interior of the bolt carrier. Use the hole in the middle to clean the firing pin.

The AR15 Scraper ($19.99; is a strip of metal with various cuts and radiuses machined into it. Each of these machined shapes corresponds to a portion of the BCG.

I use other items for the shotgun and pistol, but when it comes to the AR, I don’t head out without these two items in my range bag.