Primary Weapons System recently announced a limited run of 7.62X39mm uppers that are going to be rolling off the production line in October. I’m sorely tempted to put my name on the list because if I were to get an AR built in the classic Soviet caliber I would go with a PWS hands-down.

PWS got its start by building AK-47-inspired AR rifles that operate on long-stroke piston driven actions. I’ve owned and shot numerous rifles from the company over the years and they are as tough and accurate as any ARs I own. I’ve used them to hunt coyotes, pop prairie dogs, shoot 3-gun competitions, and just bang away for fun.

These uppers can be had in two barrel lengths: 16 inches and 7 inches. I think it would be worth it to go with the shorter one, even though it requires some extra paperwork and a $200 tax stamp. With a stubby barrel, this rifle would be kissing cousins to an AK “Krink” — though it is more correct to call it an AKS-74U — which is one of the coolest compact battle rifles around.

Also, since PWS made its bones by developing short-barrel ARs that actually run, I would have every confidence that it would go bang with every pull of the trigger.

The uppers will have an accessory rail running across the top and Keymod mounting options along the bottom and sides of the handguard.