FBI: 2015 on track to be record year for background checks

The FBI says it may process a record number of firearm background checks in 2015, a strong indication that this could also be a record year for gun sales in the United States.

According to the FBI, in October it conducted 1,976,759 background checks through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). That is a 23-percent increase from October 2014 and an all-time high for the month, the FBI says.

October was the sixth straight record-setting month for firearm-related checks, putting 2015 on a pace to complete the largest number of background checks ever in one year, surpassing the record set in 2013.

While background checks are a strong indication of gun sales, there is not necessarily a one-to-one correlation between firearm-related checks and gun sales, of course, because background check requirements vary by state and the particulars of the sale. You don’t need a background check in most states to purchase a gun from a private seller at a gun show, for example.

The biggest reason for the surge in background checks and, likely, sales? According to Fortune magazine and many others, the boost might be driven partly by Democrats’ calls for new gun control measures as spearheaded by America’s #1 firearms salesman, Barack Obama.

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Clinton: Make outlawing individual rights a ‘voting issue’

If gun rights advocates can make preserving the fundamental individual right to own a firearm into a “voting issue” and elect candidates to defend the Constitution, then why can’t gun control proponents make outlawing the fundamental individual right to own a firearm into a “voting issue” and elect candidates to degrade the Constitution?

That’s what Hillary Clinton wants to know.

“We’re going to make this a voting issue just like the other side does,” Clinton declared during a campaign “town hall event” in Coralville, Iowa, on Nov. 3.

Clinton vowed to push for measures that would expand background checks and overturn a law shielding gun manufacturers in lawsuits.

Democrats have avoided discussing gun control at length in recent presidential elections. When President Bill Clinton left the White House after the 2000 election, he suggested one of the reasons why Vice President Al Gore lost to George Bush was because of opposition in rural states to Gore’s support for gun control.

Clinton was not, necessarily, taking aim at Republicans but, according to the Associated Press, “attempting to shore up support in her own party by driving a wedge between liberal Democrats and her chief primary rival, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.”

In 2005, Sanders was among 15 Democratic senators who voted for the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act which gave gun manufacturers immunity from lawsuits. Clinton opposed that bill in the Senate and said in the debate that Sanders wasn’t tough enough on guns.

Clinton said the law was “absolutely outrageous. I voted against that. Why on earth would you gift that to anybody?”

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Virginia voters kick ‘Everytown’ out of town

Virginia voters picked former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s pockets and then kicked his front-group facade, ’Everytown for Gun Safety,’ out of town the hard way: Face first.

Bamboozleburg spent $2.4 million trying to buy state House and Senate elections on Nov. 3 for gun control candidates but Virginia voters rebuffed his condescending anti-Constitutional campaign like it was reek from a tidewater mudflat.

According to David Sherfinski of The Washington Times, Republican Glen Sturtevant fended off $500,000 in Bloombergian ads against him, defeating Democrat Dan Gecker in a victory that means the GOP will retain its 21-19 edge in the Senate.

“Our victory is all the more impressive in that it was achieved despite the record-breaking millions of dollars spent by Governor [Terry] McAuliffe, his allies and out-of-state, single-issue PACs,” Senate Majority Leader Thomas K. Norment Jr. told Sherfinski.

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Bill pits concealed carry supporters against open carry proponents

A two-bill package introduced by Republicans in the Michigan State Senate would allow people with the proper permits to carry concealed weapons at schools but ban open carry, pitting gun rights advocates against each other.

While those who support concealed carry agree with the proposed bill, open carry proponents are against it.

“This is a very unusual bill in that it’s being attacked by the usual suspects—all the Bloomberg groups—and it’s also being attacked by some of the open carry groups,” Steve Dylan, a board member for the Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners, told the New York Times.

Michigan bans concealed guns at schools, libraries, sports arenas and other public places. State Sen. Arlan Meekhof, a Republican with a concealed pistol license, has sponsored a bill to prohibit open carry on school campuses, but require schools to allow concealed carry with the proper permitting.

“Someone exercising their right (to open carry) causes a disruption in education of our kids,” Meekhof said. ”I’m trying to find a way where people can still exercise their constitutional rights and not have the sight of a gun cause the school to lock everybody down.”

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