Bloomberg’s fake ‘study’ busted by…reality

Criminals and mentally ill people who are otherwise prohibited from legally owning firearms will try to exploit “loopholes” in the law by purchasing them through the Internet.

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s gun control group, Everytown for Gun Safety, financed a 10-week study to reveal to the world the stunning disclosure that people lie on the Internet, and sometimes people lie on the Internet when trying to acquire firearms.

Everytown for Gun Safety last week released its “Hiding in Plain Sight” study of gun sales on three popular websites. During the study, the group says it posted 24 guns for sale on the three websites between July 28 and Oct. 9. Investigators hired by the group found that seven of the 169 potential buyers who responded to the ads were prohibited by law from possessing firearms.

The Bloombergians wasted little time in making up an algorithm that incorporates the “findings” from their big picture study to such small picture scenarios as Vermont where, they can now prove, because people lie on the Internet, up to 126 guns will be sold to felons or the mentally ill in Vermont on these three popular web sites this year.

Yes, they’ve done the math and they can prove it to be true.

Unfortunately, the group’s claims aren’t supported by evidence and had induced howls of ridicule from those paying attention and a big yawn from their easily distracted allies in the mainstream media who find the whole thing “too complicated” to pay attention to anymore, other than to say guns are bad.

“The glaring weakness in Everytown’s ‘research’—more accurately described as blatant gun control propaganda—is that the group only established that some prohibited persons were interested in attempting to acquire firearms via the Internet,” writes Editor Bob Owens in on Jan. 22. “They failed to establish that so much as a single purchase was made to a prohibited person.”

Everytown has not presented evidence that a single firearm was acquired via online sales, but is using “this fatally flawed study to push for restrictions on the basic human right for self-defense in a state that has a less violent crime than most cities and towns,” Owens writes of Everytown’s claim that 126 people otherwise prohibited from purchasing guns will do so this year in Vermont via private sales on the Internet.

The study comes as Vermont’s “top Democratic Senate leadership is preparing Vermont legislation that would try to curtail guns from getting into the hands of criminals, domestic abusers, and the seriously mentally ill, notes AWR Hawkins on on Jan. 21.

“The goal is to do this by banning more private gun sales,” Hawkins writes. “It should be noted that private gun sales are legal—and have been since the ratification of the Second Amendment in 1791.”

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Man assaults legally armed shopper because ‘He’s got a gun!’

We live in a land of loons educated between commercial breaks by television. Television—“news,” dramas, PSAs, etc.—tells people that guns are bad and that people who possess guns are bad, too.

Television tells people that guns are killing Americans at a genocidal rate because mass-shootings occur in shopping malls and schools every hour on the hour. Therefore, television tells people—you, me, us—that if you see a man with a gun, he’s obviously up to no good, so it is your duty to act and prevent a calamity.

This is what inspired wannabe vigilante Michael Foster to perform an act of righteous stupidity that illustrates the dangers of infusing the ignorant with actionable misinformation. Foster, 43, of Lithia, Fla., was arrested for assault after he tackled a legally armed 62-year-old man in a Tampa Bay-area Wal-Mart because the legally armed man was “carrying a gun.”

Yes, Mr. Foster, deluded by gun-control hysteria relentlessly blaring from his television—which tells him all he needs to know—did not realize Americans are legally allowed to own firearms. All he knew is guns are bad and people who carry guns are bad and are up to no good. Everyone knows that. He had to act. Had to. Don’t you watch TV?

Of course, to Foster’s surprise and chagrin, carrying a concealed weapon is perfectly legal in Florida—with a permit.

And, unfortunately for Foster, who didn’t know such permits exist for “civilians,” Clarence Daniels, 62, of Brandon, is a legal, concealed-carry permit holder who was exercising his right to carry a concealed firearm in his holster while walking into his hometown Wal-Mart to buy coffee creamer for his wife and was tackled in the doorway by an idiot screaming, “He’s got a gun!”

According to the Tampa Tribune, Foster followed Daniels into the Wal-Mart and kept close behind him as he shopped. Then, rather than call 911 or alert store security about the gun—or, ignore the matter entirely since Daniels wasn’t breaking any laws—Foster grabbed Daniels from behind as he was leaving the store, via a choke hold, then pulled him to the ground in the doorway, all the while shouting, “He’s got a gun!”

During the struggle, Daniels protested that he had a permit to legally carry the concealed gun.

Hillsborough County Sheriff’s deputies arrived on the scene to sort the matter out. Once they determined that Daniels was legally carrying his concealed gun, they arrested Foster on charges of battery.

“Unfortunately he tackled a guy that was a law-abiding citizen,” Sheriff’s spokesman Larry McKinnon said. “We understand it’s alarming for people to see other people with guns, but Florida has a large population of concealed weapons permit holders.”

Police say to call them before tackling an armed man because you don’t believe he should be armed. But think about it: Had sheriff’s deputies responded guns-drawn to alarmed reports of “a man with a gun” at Wal-Mart, this may have spiraled into something lethal, particularly for Daniels.

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Appeals Court to hear Maryland ‘assault weapon’ challenge

The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Va., beginning on March 24 will hear oral arguments over the constitutionality of a Maryland law banning 45 semi-automatic firearms as politically contrived “assault weapons” and gun magazines that hold more than 10 rounds.

In court documents filed on Jan. 16, gun-rights groups, including the Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore, the Maryland Licensed Firearms Dealers Association and the National Shooting Sports Foundation, said the law violates the Second Amendment and that a federal judge in Baltimore erred when she upheld the law last summer.

In August, federal Judge Catherine Blake found that Maryland’s gun-control law passed constitutional muster because it had been “reasonably adapted” to the government’s interest in ensuring public safety. In their filing, gun-rights advocates argue that banning semi-automatic firearms as politically contrived “assault weapons” and large magazines must be the “least restrictive means” to maintain public safety—a test they say the law cannot pass.

Maryland’s new Attorney General Brian Frosh said on Jan. 19 that the law passes constitutional muster to protect public safety. “I think this is a common-sense test,” he told The Daily Record. “The Second Amendment does not protect assault-style weapons and high-capacity magazines. It’s certainly not what the framers of the Constitution intended when they drafted the Second Amendment.”

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Florida moves to become 31st state to allow campus concealed carry

The Florida House is moving quickly on a proposal to allow guns on college campuses. If adopted, only 19 states will continue to put students’ safety at risk by making campuses “free shooting zones” for criminals, but “gun-free zones” for the law-abiding.

State Rep. Greg Steube, R-Sarasota, brought the idea back for consideration this year. He said he began drafting his bill before the Nov. 20 shooting at Florida State University. Gunman Myron May wounded two students and a library employee before he was killed by police in the incident. “School safety has always been a paramount issue that I’ve dealt with,” he told the Associated Press, noting he has also filed a proposal to let designated teachers carry concealed weapons at elementary and secondary schools.

Steube and others say a lawfully armed citizen might have stopped the gunman at FSU faster than police. He stressed only people with concealed weapons permits would be able to carry their weapons on campus—and applicants for such permits in Florida must be at least 21 years old.

The House Criminal Justice Subcommittee approved the measure (House Bill 4005) in a party-line vote Jan. 20, making it the first bill to advance in the Florida House this year.

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