Germany’s oldest gun manufacturer just introduced the Artemis to its S 101 line of bolt actions for 2015. Sauer named its newest rifle for the Greek goddess of the hunt and—surprise—it’s designed specifically for women.

The Artemis sports the same bolt and action as the classic 101 Select, but also accounts for the different build of female shooters. Sauer shaved the stock for a reduced length of pull and dropped the 22-inch barrel down to 20 inches. It now measures 38 inches from butt to muzzle. Other reductions include a shorter trigger reach and a slimmer grip.

The stock is made from Turkish walnut with a fine laser-grain finish, and the effect is impressive–this is one gorgeous gun. My only reservation with the rifle is the reduced stock. At 5’ 8” and 160 pounds I’m not exactly petite, and the stock feels a bit too short for me. The rifle is definitely well-suited for more diminutive shooters though, and throwing on my hunting jacket and a thick recoil pad might do the trick for me. The other modifications—particularly the grip—are right on target. I never realized just how beefy standard grips can be until I wrapped my hand around this one.

The Artemis will be available in .243 Win, .270 Win., .308 Win., 7×64, .30-06 Spring., 8x571S, and 9.3×62. MSRP is $1,969.