It’s time to start thinking about getting back to school. Shooting school, that is. My colleagues and I at Outdoor Life are working with Jacob Bynum at Rifles Only to offer a three-day class designed to help hunters become better marksmen with their equipment.

The class runs from September 9–14 at Bynum’s facility in South Texas. Bynum and I, along with a couple of his well-qualified cohorts, will be leading the classes. You can read all the details about the school here.

The class will teach marksmanship skills grounded in practical shooting scenarios. Students will gain deeper understanding of their gear and equipment, and will dramatically increase their rifle handling skills and ability to engage targets quickly and accurately. We will shoot as far as 600 yards and work on a variety of interesting targets.

Jacob runs a top-notch facility—I’ve shot with him there many times over the years—and I’m really excited to work with him on this. Hope you’re able to join us.