With the action pistol sports, speed trumps pinpoint accuracy. The sight configuration that one would use on a bullseye gun, for example, would slow you down when confronted with a plate rack.

Ideally, you want a front sight that is bold enough for your eye to focus on quickly, yet offers a bit of room on either side of the notch in the rear sight.

To achieve this, select a front sight with a width of .090 to .150 inches. The narrower the sight, the faster it will get on target. But that speed comes at the cost of accuracy. A good compromise is a .100-inch sight. It would be difficult to go wrong with that.

Some old-school shooters employ a plain black front post, but having a fiber optic up front is very handy. A fiber optic with a diameter of .040 inches will balance well with the size front post we’re talking about here.For the rear sight, it is hard to beat a Bo-Mar style adjustable. Go with a plain black rear face with no night sights or dots. If you want to get very picky, select a rear notch width that is .030 to .040 inches wider than the front post.

Fine-line serrations across the rear face will cut down glare. It isn’t a bad idea to have serrations on the front sight as well.