Hi. Come on in. Set your gun in the rack and pull up a chair. Get comfortable. We have a lot to talk about.

Welcome to your new hangout. Plan to stay awhile. Doesn’t matter whether you hunt elk with a bow, squirrels with a rifle, grouse with a shotgun or gophers with a rock, you’re welcome here. I think you’ll find it’s a pretty lively place. You’re going to agree some of the time. You’re going to get mad some of the time, and hopefully you’ll learn a thing or two along the way just as I hope you contribute to our discussions.

There are plenty of chairs to go around. There are a few recliners, rocking chairs, maybe even a soapbox or two.

I know what you’re thinking: The world needs another blog like it needs another gas station. But think of this space as an old corner store, with chairs around a stove and the coffee always on. Or like that old tavern down by the tracks, where there’s always an empty stool at the bar and a joke to be told.

I’ll be here most days. For those who don’t know me, I’m Outdoor Life’s Hunting Editor, and I hope this blog reflects a little of me and a little of the magazine.

I am what you’d call a passionate generalist. I hunt with a bow and with a rifle. I love bird hunting over my yellow Lab, Willow. I’m nuts about turkeys. I get deeper into coyote and varmint hunting each year. I grew up hunting whitetails and rabbits on a Missouri farm. I have a hard time sitting still in a tree stand. I love mule deer. I really want to shoot a big bull elk and a Coues deer and a Spanish ibex. I love leaving my pickup in the morning and hunting alone all day, covering miles of public ground and looking over dozens of animals. Accurate rifles and bright binoculars turn my crank.

I live on a little farm outside Glasgow, Montana, which may be the best town in America for a hunter. The Missouri River Breaks and their elk, mule deer, antelope and bighorn sheep are just to the south. I’m covered up with quality whitetails here on the Milk River. There is world-class wing shooting here–pheasants, prairie grouse and waterfowl–and we’re working on increasing the turkey population. I’m a lonely 5-hour drive from the nearest airport and just 60 miles from Canada.

I have a young family that brings me more joy even than my job. My twin boys, Ellis and Merlin, are 8 years old and can’t get enough shooting with their BB guns, .22 single-shot and fiberglass recurve (which was my own first bow when I was their age). My 5-year-old daughter Iris loves going hunting with her dad. And my wife, Lih-An, somehow manages to keep everyone clothed and fed when I’m on the road.

I hope this blog reflects a little of those passions and perspectives. It’s going to be a grab bag. We’re going to kick around politics and track trends. We’re going to tell you where the biggest deer and elk are being killed and what gear is hot (and what’s not). I’ll keep you in the loop on my travels just as I hope you’ll contribute your trips, tips, opinions and perspective.

So pull up a chair. We have a lot to talk about.