The first wolf to be legally harvested in Montana in a generation was killed yesterday in the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness, just hours into the season.

Hunter Perry Zumwalt of Roberts, Montana, shot the wolf mid Tuesday morning in the Lost Creek drainage of the wilderness area of District 316 just north of Yellowstone National Park, according to Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, which requires successful hunters to report their harvest within 12 hours of the kill.

Montana’s first wolf-hunting season in at least 75 years began just before sunrise yesterday in backcountry units where the elk and deer rifle season opened Sept. 15. The wolf season will open Oct. 25 in most other areas of Montana, coinciding with the deer and elk rifle seasons.

The state set a harvest quota of 75 wolves for the season. Idaho also has sanctioned a wolf hunting season, and set a harvest quota of 220 wolves. At least four wolves have been taken so far in Idaho’s season.

In Montana, nearly 9,000 wolf licenses have been sold so far.