We all want to preserve the memory of a remarkable big-game trophy, but now more than ever most of us have to balance the cost of taxidermy with the constraints of the household budget.

There are other impediments to that shoulder mount, including spousal resistance and a shortage of real estate on your walls. That’s where Jeff Stark comes in. The Missouri hunter knows the enduring value of a special animal, just as he knows the appeal of a great photograph.

Stark and his brother-in-law found a way to combine the two, by creating life-sized displayable art of your big-game trophy. His company, WallTrophies (, specializes in turning your own digital photography into vinyl banners, complete with grommets in the corners so you can hang them anywhere.

That means you can memorialize the place where you killed that big buck as well as the deer itself. You can remember your buddy who was with you on that day when you took that big bull just as you can recall the trophy every time you glance at the photo, which can be made into a larger-than-life version that measures 40×60 inches.

For some of us, the poster not only resolves the financial quandary of mounting a trophy. It also helps answer the question all of us face as we look at a pretty remarkable animal on the ground: Is it shoulder-mount worthy?

How many of us have declined to mount a great animal because we couldn’t afford it? Probably the same number of us who have spent a pile to mount a trophy that sits neglected in a dark corner or a storage unit.

Thanks to Stark, we don’t have to make that choice, just as we don’t have to spend tedious hours caping out that skull.