You may recall the “Aporkalypse Now” feature we ran in our January issue, detailing some of the logistical challenges required to control rapidly expanding feral hog populations.

In Texas, we reported, some swine-control advocates have been lobbying the legislature to authorize aerial gunning of nuisance hogs. While the legislature is still mulling whether to allow just any hunter to take to the skies, it is perfectly legal for Texas landowners to hire professional wildlife-control personnel to gun pigs from aircraft.

What would this sort of hell-from-above effort look like? My friend and wildlife photographer Russell Graves documents his first-person experience in a chopper at his blog here.

Check out the video on Russell’s site. It’s a pretty good overview of the devastation Texas’s 1 million hogs cause, as well as the conflicted perspectives of hog hunters.

What do you think? Would you participate in hog control? And should you be allowed to hunt them from the air?