Alaskan hunters continued to search the bush outside the tiny Alaskan peninsula town of Chignik for a wolf pack that is thought to have killed 32-year-old schoolteacher Candice Berner.

But preliminary indications are that the woman, who was reportedly out for a jog, was killed by wolves and then dragged off a gravel road leading to the town’s airstrip. That’s the early word (, reported by the Anchorage Daily News. Chignik is located about 475 miles southwest of Anchorage.

An autopsy confirmed that Berner, originally of Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania, had been chased by animals, presumably wolves, and was preyed on her body after she was killed or incapacitated by some other cause.

If Berner was taken down and killed by wolves, this would be only the second human killed by the canines in the recorded history of North America. The first victim was Kenton Carnegie, killed by a pack of wolves in northern Saskatchewan in 2005.

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