Gayne talks with the famous and the not-so-famous from the outdoor world. It’s 10 minutes of their life they’ll never get back.

Mark Buchanan

Mark Buchanan is the owner of Big Bore Productions, makers of hunting, fishing and shooting DVDs.

How’ya doing today?
Not well. I’m leaving to hunt in the forest in Cameroon and keep having nightmares about my last trip in 2005. It’s a tough place to hunt. Hot, humid, swampy and lots of bugs.

You’ve hunted polar bear successfully in the area of the North Pole twice. How do you go to the bathroom outside when it’s 40 below?
Very fast and very infrequently. I can usually make do with three stops a day (more while in Mexico). However, in 12 days on the ice, I only went four times. I think that could be a record.

Address the rumors that you had a few beers with Santa while you were up there. Or is it true to say, “What happens at the Pole stays at the Pole”?
First of all, beer freezes, and Santa lives farther North. But I did build an igloo one day and chopped up a seal for dog food.

Quick and dirty: How’d you get into the DVD business?
My good buddy and I were on a pig hunt in central California and two boars busted out of the brush going up a draw. He dumped the first and I dumped the second and it landed on top of the first–it would have been the best scene ever. We talked about it while driving home, and by the time we got there, Big Bore productions was born.

I heard you put some of your first titles on VHS right as the DVD boom hit. How many of those tapes do you have left?
At least we didn’t go Beta.

You’ve hunted all over the world. What’s your worst airport or flight experience?
One time while flying to Cabo, they closed the drink service because my buddy barfed on the drink cart. That was a long trip. Other than that, any of the third world airports are pretty rough if you don’t pack your own TP. One time in the Douala airport in Cameroon, I had to part with one of my favorite hunting socks.

Detail three things we’ll never see on a Big Bore DVD.
You filming.
Me missing–ha ha.