Word is there’s a new world-record gobbler on the ground, a toad of a Midwest turkey with six beards and decent spurs. Todd Pringnitz has details at his website.

The story is captivating, and the fact that the gobbler was taken with an arrow by a hunter who has endured serial bad luck for the last few years makes it even better. This may be the only spring turkey hunter I’ve ever seen wearing shorts in the field.

I’ve killed double-bearded toms, and I’ve killed limb-hanger gobblers with spurs that push the 2-inch mark. And I have a full-body mount of a Missouri gobbler that weighed right at 30 pounds and sports a paintbrush beard. But, as the calculus for record consideration indicates, it’s multiple beards that will push your tom way up in the record books.

I am asked all the time about the formula for scoring a gobbler. Here it is again, courtesy of the National Wild Turkey Federation. Score your gobbler from this spring’s season and see how it ranks in the standings, and how it fares compared to Pringnitz’s whopper.

The best thing? You don’t have to wait 60 days for your gobbler’s anatomical parts to dry, like you do for antlered game.