Gayne looks at the ultimate in hunter transportation – the Safari Jet.

Conceived by Avro Business Jet, BAE Systems, and Design Q, the Safari Jet is designed to land on short uneven runways in prime wildlife areas. From there the crew can open the “viewing platform” so up to eight passengers can enjoy watching animals. Or whatever else happens to be outside your jet.


“Look Muffy. Impoverished natives.”


The living area also expands and opens to the outside.

“More ice Jeeves.”

“Yes sir.”

“And see what you can do about those starving natives. Muffy doesn’t like looking at them while she drinks.”


A full gourmet kitchen, dining area, and private bedroom are located at the rear of the plane. Marble floors and an entertainment system help ease the pain of being in the wilderness.

“I hope the sound of my Miley Cyrus CD drowns out that begging and chanting out there.”

“Me too Muffy. Those people are dreadful. And the flies!”


With an estimated cost of $23.6 million the Safari Jet may be out of reach for most hunters but then it’s not really all that conducive to hunting anyway. Or is it?

What do you think? Is the Safari Jet the look of hunting vehicles to come? Comment below. Just leave Muffy out of it.