Ernest Hemingway was beyond talented, a compulsive alcoholic, probably mentally ill, and didn't like to wear socks. And while you can't make money off being a drunk or having mental issues - trust me, I know - you can by being talented…and maybe by not wearing socks as well. At least shoemaker Thomas Raymond & Co. of Portland believes so. This July they unveiled the Ernest Hemingway Footwear Co. with the blessing of Papa's son Patrick.

According to the company's website, the new line is "inspired by Ernest Hemingway's colorful life, writings and travels. In following his footsteps through Spain, Paris, Cuba, Africa, Key West, Canada, and of course, Sun Valley…" The shoes are manufactured by artisans in South America utilizing fine leathers including such exotic hides as American bison. Shoes in the line range in price from $150 to $235 and are designed to be worn without socks - because apparently Papa didn't like to wear socks.

I wonder if my children will come out with a Gayne Young inspired line of footwear after my ashes are spread. Hemingway and I do have a lot in common - shut up! Based on what I wear now though my shoe line would probably be limited to flip flops and well-worn boots. Maybe I should start branching out while I'm still alive. Just to expand the line a bit.

Visit the Ernest Hemingway Footwear Co. And while you're there order me a pair of K.C. loafers, size 10. Thanks.