Those of you that read my blog The Trip That Never Was are well aware that my friend Mark Buchanan almost stepped on a Gabon viper while hunting in Cameroon, Africa. Well his near death experience can now be your opportunity to win three Big Bore DVDs (check out their catalog here).

Simply find the viper’s head in the picture above – yes, it’s well camouflaged, that’s why Mark almost stepped on it. But I assure you it’s there. Put your answer in the comments section below, along with any sucking up to me as contest judge you might have (examples: Gayne’s the best blogger on Outdoor Life, Gayne deserves his own column in the magazine, I wish I could lead the exciting life Gayne does, Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai should totally give Gayne a call, etc…).

Winners will be chosen at random from all those who correctly identified where the snake’s head is (suck ups are for humorous purposes only…wink…wink…I gotta keep the editors happy).

So get to it Outdoor Life readers! Find the snake’s head and win some DVDs!