Of the 65 people that entered my “Find The Snake Contest” only three would exit the jungle with their life. im4hunting, oklahoma, and leotrainer all found the snake’s head smack dab in the middle of D5. The rest of the entries would have been bitten. This would have led to swelling, pain, and shock. Before slipping into unconsciousness the victim would become incontinent, his eyelids and tongue would swell, and the skin around the bite would blister. Blood would appear in the urine stream as well as in vomit. Personally I can’t think of a nastier way to go.

“What were Gayne’s last words?”

“I don’t know. He was too busy crying in-between bouts of puking blood and soiling himself.”

Thanks to all that entered and for the wonderful comments about me!

Oh, the winner.

The winner – the name was pulled from a Big Bore Production hat – is im4hunting!