Before announcing the winner of the “Name the four species of dove that may legally hunted in Texas” contest I’d like to thank all the participants. I’d especially like to thank Sainte_Terrer for not only being the first person to enter but the one that everyone else copied from. Of course the correct answer was white-winged, mourning, white-tipped, and Eurasian collared with the latter being unprotected and not subject to a season.

Other dove species that reside in Texas are the red-billed pigeon, Inca dove, ground dove, and band-tailed pigeon. The birds are protected and may not be hunted. Not that you’d want to, I mean have you ever tasted a band-tailed pigeon? Trust me. It doesn’t taste like chicken. So, without further ado, the winner is … Hawkeye! You won the Texas Hunt Company Wing Shooter with Belt. It’s a great product. Enjoy.

Our second place winner, Yoda, will be receiving autographed copies of my books Texas Safari: The Game Hunter’s Guide to Texas and Texas Safari: The Fishing Guide to Texas. These classics are available at fine book stores everywhere.

I’ve got ideas for a few more contests coming up so check back often.