Ton in the figurative sense that is.

Dove season is less than a month away here in Texas and you know what that means…that’s right, a firm dressing down from your father-in-law on how you can’t shoot to hit spit, don’t know how to dress out your birds properly, and snarky comments about writing for “that internet thing.”

What? That’s just me? Huh…interesting.

Anyway, with dove season just a few weeks away I was approached by Jeff Wemmer, owner / operator of Texas Hunt Company about hosting another contest. As I always do when approached by a 6 foot 4 inch tall heavyweight fighter built West Texan I eagerly agreed. Yes, let’s have a contest.

Being as Jeff and I are both Texans (although as I mentioned he is the much larger and more intimidating of the two of us) we decided to make it a Texan themed contest. That being said here’s the $64,000 question: What four species of dove may be legally hunted in Texas during dove season? Hint: three are “legal” and one is “unprotected.” The name of those that comment below with the correct answer will be thrown into a hat. The first place winner will receive a Texas Hunt Company Wing Shooter with Belt! That’s a $74.95 value! And hey! You even get to pick what color you want! Can it get any better? Well, yes, if you’re runner up because the lucky person that comes in second gets an autographed copy of both my books; Texas Safari: The Game Hunter’s Guide to Texas and Texas Safari: The Fishing Guide to Texas!!

What?! They’re good books. They have pictures and words and everything.

So, do your homework, find the answer, and comment below!