Prime Minister Vladimir Putin,

On August 26, 2010 I posted a column on Outdoor Life magazine’s website entitled Gayne Has Putin On His List. You can read the piece here.

The column detailed my admiration for your adventurous lifestyle, mainly your fishing and aid in wildlife research. I am especially impressed with your assisting with a sedated polar bear and tagging a gray whale with a crossbow. I sent a copy of this article to you through the Ministry of Forgeign Affairs of the Russian Federation on Sept. 9 but have yet to hear from you. This is certainly understandable given your duties and schedule.

I write to you now to again state my admiration for your exploits and to ask if I may accompany you on your next adventure. I have long been interested in the outdoor sports in Russian history, going back to the days of the Czars. One of my favorite hunt stories involves a young Russian named George Kramarenko taking a snow sheep in Kamchatka in the summer of 1918. In a move that sounds like something that would happen to me, Kramarenko tries to dry his wet clothes over a roaring campfire only to watch them become engulfed in flames.

While historic tales such as these are entertaining, I believe there are a vast number of hunters in the United States – and around the globe for that matter – who would relish the chance to discover hunting and fishing in today’s Russia through a series of articles involving you. I believe the last leader to do such a thing in my country was former President Theodore Roosevelt, who detailed his 1910 African safari in newspapers across the country. Whereas he had an audience limited to print circulation, I write for the endless readership of the World Wide Web. Not only would a series of articles detailing my excursion with you promote sporting opportunities in Russia to outsiders, but would provide interesting insight into who you are as an outdoorsman.

I, as well as the readers of Outdoor Life look forward to hearing from you considering this endeavor.


Gayne C. Young

Y’all think I’ll get invited on a hunt?

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