What an exciting contest.

As of this writing, 33 people entered for the chance to win some super socks (not actual brand name) from Russell Moccasin by guessing the estimated score of a massive whitetail found on Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch. Read the original post here.

The most notable guess, and by far my favorite, came from HawkEye who submitted, “Holy *&#$!!!! That’s my guess.” Good one, Hawkeye. Another guess of interest was the narcotics-squad-interest-tweaking entry of, “just going with the random # 420” submitted by Dropjhook.

Many guesses came close to the actual score so I, and my trusty staff, formulated a complex algorithm factoring in a number of different variables in order to select the person who guessed closest to the score given to me by Oak Creek owner Donald Hill. That score was…drum roll please…372! Congratulations s.f.wilson. Your score of “370 ish” got you two pairs of socks! I’ll be emailing you shortly.

So, how big is a 372 buck really? Well, the above is Mr. Woody Fox with his trophy deer that green scores an incredible 354 7/8. It looks like he has a coral reef on his head – the deer, not Mr. Fox.

My thanks to Mr. Fox, Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch, and Russell Moccasin for their assistance and sponsorship in this contest.

Check back often as I have more contests coming.