Pete Angle and I had no problem staying warm today, despite temperatures in the 20s, spitting snow and winds that gusted to 30 mph. The reason for that was, aside for one half-hour stalk Pete made on a herd of uncooperative pronghorns this afternoon, we didn’t get out of the truck except to answer nature’s call or open a pasture gate.

We put a lot of miles on our guide’s truck today, and saw a heckuva lot of doe and fawn muleys, but no bucks worth going after. When we did see mule deer, they were tucked away in draws and bottoms as they sought shelter from the howling winds that are so characteristic of this country around Craig, Colorado.

The day was far more productive for three others in our hunting party who all shot nice mule deer bucks, including Ben Maki of Mossy Oak who took a horse to the high country and dropped this wide buck in his tracks at 340 yards, despite a ripping cross wind.

Tomorrow, Pete and I will saddle up and try our luck in the mountains. Ben says there are plenty more good bucks to be had up there. And the wind is supposed to lay down quite a bit, so we’re chomping at the bit to punch our tags. Stay tuned.