We all understand that hunting or fishing near sunrise or sunset is almost always the most productive. Well, the same goes for the moon, along with its effects of overhead and underfoot periods. Just as the sun has its yearly cycle of 365 days, the moon has a yearly cycle as well, but in much less time of 29.5 days.

The effects the lunar cycle has on tides and weather is well documented, these effects carry over into wildlife movements as proven through record harvest studies.

Next time you hear about a big buck being taken at noon or the next time you’re looking at trail camera pictures of the one you’re after, the chances are it was during one of these times; moonrise, moonset overhead or underfoot.

The chart wheel I’ve created will give you an idea why full and new moon can be the most productive. Each has three of the four prime moon times within daylight hours. These are great times to sit all day, especially if the rut is on.

We are entering my favorite time, waxing gibbous through full moon; 10 a.m. until noon and 3 p.m. until dark are your best times coming up.

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