Winter has been coming early to much of the USA. In between the numerous systems coming through, we should see active feeding and secondary rut action. Many areas will see windy conditions, and as they die down in your area midweek, deer will move. Also, keep track of your areas exact barometric cycles with OL Weather and hunt while pressure is rising and above 30.10. Here are your regions:
NE** – Lake effect snow and winds through Wednesday will hamper deer activity. High pressure will build and peak on Friday before dropping some by the weekend. Best days: Dec. 16th and 17th.
SE** – Cool and windy conditions with some rain will give way to warmer/drier weather by the end of the week. Your low pressure point will be sometime on Friday (1012). Best days: Dec. 16th and 18th.

SC – Below normal temperatures to begin the week and warming by end. Periods of light precipitation will be good opportunities to get out. The biggest low passes through on Wednesday (996). Best days: Dec. 16th and 18th.

MW – Cold and snowy, moderating snow showers by the weekend. Highest pressure in the nation should set in on Saturday (1032). When it’s this high it’s usually excellent hunting if the other weather factors cooperate. Best days: Dec. 16th and 18th.

NW – Rain and snow persists with moderating temperatures by mid-week and beyond. A major low will come in off the coast next Monday. So Sunday becomes a good bet. Best days: Dec. 15th and 19th.
SW** – Should be very warm in most areas with a chance of showers on Wednesday and Thursday. Hunting both sides of these days could be productive. Best days: Dec. 14th and 17th.

Moon – According to the moon data records early week is fair. Starting Wednesday through Sunday mid-day and PM hours are rated as good. Solar activity is not a factor this week. Good Luck!