Let it snow, let it snow! From west to east waves of precipitation will pound a good portion of the US this week. Many areas will see deer congregate in winter yarding areas and holdup close to food sources. Breaks between systems should see late rut activity and feeding during daylight hours. This week also encompasses a full moon and lunar eclipse which will intensify activity, especially Monday thru Thursday. Here’s your regions:

NE – High pressure dominates the first few days and then drops through out the week with a bottom on Saturday. The high Tuesday (1023) and Friday (1018) before a large Lp (1006) sets in are good bets. Best days: December 21st and 24th

SE – Almost an identical pattern sets up for the SE this week. HP after the lunar eclipse on Tuesday night should be an active time window. Best days: December 21st and 26th
SC** – Monday starts off with a low pressure system that will persist for almost 4 days. When this clears on Friday and Saturday deer will be on the move. Best days: December 24th and 25th.

MW – Major snow will pound this region Monday and Tuesday. A large Hp of 1036 will follow by Thursday night or Friday. Cold temperatures well below average and Hp after a storm are always a good bet. Best days: December 23rd and 24th.

NW – Rain and snow all week except for two small time slots. A let up on Christmas Eve and Day with a rising barometer are worth a try. Best days: December 24th and 25th.