As we enter the last week of Whitetail Forecasts for 2010, we will see a diversity of hunting weather conditions. In the NE, deer should be yarding up and staying close to food sources. In the SE, record lows early in the week will stimulate post-rut movement. In the deep SW, we’ll see 70-degree highs hampering movement, while the midwest will be cool and dry until another blast of snow sweeps through later in the week. Here’s your regions:

NE – As the major snowstorm lets up, temperatures will warm and pressure will rise. There is a 3-day window before another front and more precipitation comes in on Saturday. Best days: December 29th, 30th and 31st.

SE – Record lows early in the week come with extreme high pressure. This combination should make for some great late season hunting. Catch the time frames before precipitation moves in on Friday. Best days: December 29th and 30th.

SC – A fairly significant low will settle in on Thursday and Friday (1000). Both sides of this front should be good bets. Best days: December 29th and January 1st.

MW – Cool and dry will last for a couple days. As the wind picks up a major LP (990) will follow and set in on Thursday and Friday. My picks are Tuesday and Saturday as pressure spikes on these days. Best days: December 28th and January 1st.

NW – A deep low pressure front (996) heads east on Wednesday, as it clears out deer will move. The hp will top out on New Year’s Day (1032), before dropping off again next week. Best days: December 30th and January 2nd.

SW – Cooler temperatures will come with a system that will pass through Wednesday and Thursday. As it clears out on Friday, deer movement should be great. Best days: December 31st and January 1st.
Moon** – The weekend moon times are very good to excellent as we inch towards the new moon. Both am and pm times are worth a try. Solar activity continues to be quiet and not a factor. Good Luck!

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