We enter the second week of December with most of the nation dealing with wind, snow and below average temperatures. The secondary rut kicks in the north as the primary rut will be going on in the southern states. Finding the hunting window between storms and as pressure rises above 30.10 is key. Here are your regions:

NE – Strong winds Tuesday and Wednesday and low barometric pressure will give way to drying conditions and rising pressure on Thursday. Saturday is also a good window between fronts. Best days: December 9th and 11th.

SE – Colder temperatures engulf the region midweek increasing activity. Thursday will see the peak of the week with a 1025(BP). A large low comes in on Sunday, Saturday PM, before it arrives should be good. Best days: December 9th and 11th.

MW – A very windy but dry storm will sweep across many areas Thursday and Friday. Hunting the times before and after are great bets. Cold temperatures will also keep things moving. Best days: December 8th and 11th.

SC – Below average temperatures and hunting before and after a low (1008) on Saturday should be effective. Very high barometric pressure follows (1030) on Sunday. This rising window should be good. Best days: December 10th and 12th.

NW – Lots of storm systems invade the northwest creating overcast skies, snow and cool temperatures. Great conditions if the winds stay low. A major low on Friday will hold deer up. Best days: December 9th and 11th.

SW – Above average temperatures will hamper movement, but a low pressure front on Saturday will pick things up. Best days: December 10th and 12th.

Moon times – Tuesday AM/PM is rated very good. For Wednesday through Sunday PM hours should all be good. A slight increase in solar activity on Saturday and Sunday will stimulate activity some. Good Luck!