For someone who doesn’t do a lot of it, my wife is remarkably in tune with hunting. Her diet, like mine, is built around wild protein.

She respects the wildlife-management rationale for hunting, and she even understands why I get all distracted and absent for much of the fall.

But if I tried to replace the wedding band I gave her–a platinum ring worn by my grandmother–with a ring of Realtree, I might lose all the spousal support for hunting that I’ve gained.

That’s right, a company is crafting camouflage wedding bands, or as Titanium-Buzz says in a clever marketing hook, presenting “outdoor rings for the outdoor life.”

It’s the latest proof I have that camouflage increasingly has less to do with blending in to the natural world as much as it is a sort of uniform identifying you as a hunter to your peers. Are you a Realtree guy or a Mossy Oak dude? Or maybe you’re a little bit iconoclastic and prefer Optifade on Sitka’s gear or you wouldn’t be caught dead in anything but King’s Desert Shadow.

All I know is that Mossy Oak’s Break Up is an inauspicious name for a wedding ring.