This amazing footage was shot by Boone and Crockett Chief of Staff Tony Schoonen in Yellowstone National Park. Here’s the story behind the clip…

“The first week of April was spring break so my wife and I decided to take our six-year-old daughter to Yellowstone Park for a couple days. Spring is a great time to see wildlife in and around Yellowstone.

We were not disappointed. We saw elk, deer, bison, sheep, and pronghorn. As we driving up the Lamar valley we came to a spot where the Lamar River flowed close to the road and we noticed a yearling cow elk standing in the middle of the river. We thought it was odd, so I stopped the truck and started glassing. After about 10 minutes we spotted a wolf curled up and sleeping on a rock bar about 100 yards from the elk.

I wasn’t quite sure why the elk didn’t run out of the river opposite the wolf and figured there had to be another wolf or two around keeping the elk pinned in the river. We kept glassing but never spotted any more wolves. Suddenly, the wolf got up and ran down the rock bar, swam the river, and maneuvered around on the bank so he could jump on the elk. When he did, the elk got into the deepest water it could find so the wolf couldn’t touch bottom and would float off. The wolf attacked the elk several times and then would get tired and curl back up and rest for 20 minutes or so. Then he would go back and attack the elk again. Each time the elk would either run for deep water or dive underwater. At one point, the wolf did manage to tip the elk over and both went underwater and floated downstream but eventually the elk stood up again and the wolf floated off.

We watched this scene repeat itself for almost two hours. In that time several cars had gathered and we finally had to leave. My guess is the wolf won the battle eventually because he was getting rest and the elk was not. Regardless of the outcome, the experience left a permanent impression on my family. It is not something we will soon forget.”

See the full video on the Boone and Crockett Club Facebook page.