A snap shot is fired as soon as you identify a target and your rifle reaches your shoulder. Think of a buck flushed at 40 yards, and think 2 seconds or less. Here’s how it’s done.

Dial Your Scope Down
Set your scope’s magnification at the minimum for its widest field of view for faster target acquisition.

Link Your Eyes and Muzzle
Carry your rifle at the ready, muzzle down, while keeping your muzzle tracking with your eyes. Where your eyes go, your muzzle goes. When a target suddenly appears, your muzzle is already aligned with your eyes on the target.

Mount Right
Next, raise the rifle so the scope meets an imaginary line between your eyes and the target. Don’t move your eye to the scope; move the scope to your eye.

Brace Yourself
As you shoulder the rifle, lean into it for better stability.

Don’t Overthink
Finally, use the target’s outline to guide you to the desired impact point and fire. Don’t aim carefully–that would be a slow, deliberate shot. Just quickly center your crosshairs, and the scope will put the bullet where it needs to go.