If there are ducks in your area, why not turn your goose hunt into a mixed-bag shootout? Compared to geese, ducks can be relatively easy to decoy in a field if you know what you’re doing.

Avery Pro Staffer Arliss Reed swears the secret is in a spinning wing decoy. But left running, a spinning wing deke like a Mojo will flare geese. That’s why it’s so important to spend a few extra dollars on a remote controlled model. When geese are coming in, shut it off. When ducks are flying, turn it on. If it’s a mixed flock, make the call: would you rather shoot ducks or geese?

One important tweak, as Arliss describes in the video above, is to flip the wings on a standard Mojo. Right out of the box the white side of the metal spinning wings faces up, so when the Mojo shuts down white faces skyward. This bright piece of metal can spook geese, so by flipping the wings, the brown side will face up when the Mojo turns off. This way it blends in better to the field.

We used two Mojos over the three morning hunts and shot bonus ducks all weekend, including a five-man limit on mallards the first morning out. Ducks nearly tackle the Mojo when it’s running, and with the wings flipped and motion shut down geese won’t mind it there at all either.