Here’s a deal that sounds too good to pass up. Nikwax, makers of products that clean and waterproof outdoor wear (I swear by their Waterproofing Wax for Leather for my boots), are currently offering to rehabilitate one piece of gear per person for the low, low price of absolutely nothing (you have to pay for shipping to them, they cover the return costs).

With hunting seasons all but behind us, your gear closet is surely full of bloodstained pants, mudded-up boots, and waterproof coats that aren’t so waterproof any more. Well, package up your most distressed piece of gear (they’ll even do tents and sleeping bags) and ship it to Nikwak headquarters in Seattle. Within three weeks they’ll return your beloved piece of gear to you, ready for next season. Keep in mind, though, that they aren’t miracle workers.

“We will do our very best to rehabilitate your gear. That being said, some gear is past saving with Nikwax. We will not be able to rehabilitate shoes with holes or worn out soles, delaminating jackets, ripped items, broken zippers, and so forth,” it says on the Gear Rehab program page. “While we are able to rehabilitate most types of gear, there are some that are unable to be effectively cleaned and waterproofed. These include: rubber & Tyvek rain suits; rubber boots, shoes, and gloves; etc.”

What do you guys and gals think? Are you going to take them up on their offer? What will you send?