Regular readers will recall that I wondered several weeks ago what sort of knife to get my daughter for her 10-year birthday.

It’s a rite of passage in my family that a pocketknife is gifted on the 10th birthday. I had no trouble finding knives for my twin boys three years ago, but girls are simply different, and I asked your opinion on the sort of blades to give.

You delivered plenty of opinions, and I considered them all. But here are the two knives that Iris now carries in her pockets:

Spiderco Delica 4
This was one of the blades that many readers recommended, and it’s a great choice. I gave Iris the locking model with beautiful powder-purple handles. Its blade is in VG-10 steel, and its drop-point blade can handle almost any task.

Bear & Sons Abalone Folder
Here’s the great thing about both the internet and our hunting industry: my blog post about Iris’s pocketknife reached my buddy Tom Ables, who helps Bear & Sons Cutlery with their media relations. Bear sent a little gift to Iris: a beautiful 3-inch Abalone Toothpick Folder.

It’s a sized-right 440 blade with electric blue handles inlaid with highly polished abalone.

So, it turns out that the perfect blade for a 10-year-old girl is actually two blades. Happy birthday, Iris.