The year 2015 marks the 117th birthday of Outdoor Life. Over the decades we’ve accumulated hundreds of thousands of pages of adventure and outdoor knowledge. But with each new printing, previous issues were tucked away in basements and attics and, sometimes, eventually tossed in the garbage bins.

But even if your copies have disappeared, there’s a way to read them again. Our own copies have been gathering dust in our editorial office, and we decided it was high time to liberate them.

Now you can read again the best outdoor writing and stories of the past century via our digital archives. That includes access to our illustrated covers, your favorite Jack O’Connor stories, hard-hitting conservation reporting, every Pat McManus column, proven hunting tactics, clever fishing tips, amusing reader letters, and even the old advertisements that ran alongside them.

There are three different subscription plans to choose from, and if you’re not sure about committing, definitely consider the free 30-day trial. Plus, if you’re still scrambling to finish your holiday shopping—without having to drive to the nearest mall or pay outrageous overnight shipping fees—we have a gift subscription, too.

So go take a look at the OL archives and tell us what you think. Even without a subscription, you can browse through every cover, and there’s always a complete issue available for free.

Also: We still seem to be missing a few issues from our collection. If you happen to have access to any of the issues published in 1898—our first year in print—drop us a line at We’re offering a bounty for any of our missing issues.