Prois produces hunting gear exclusively for women, and their new line of Galleann rain gear is designed to be waterproof, breathable, lightweight, and to go over your other clothes quickly and easily. To help with this, waterproof zippers extend up the full length of the pant legs. A detachable gaiter secures the pant to your bootlaces to keep moisture and mud from creeping up your ankles and soaking your socks from the top down. The jacket’s hood is adjustable, so you don’t lose any peripheral vision, and both pieces pack down into approximately 8-by-8-inch packets, bundled into one of their own pockets. They weigh practically nothing in your pack.

The line is available in Realtree APX and Realtree Max1 camo or olive. At $200 for the jacket and $180 for the pants, they’re not cheap, but the fit will probably be superior to that of men’s or kid’s rain gear. I’d wear the jacket over my waders to get some extra value out of it during fishing season.