The foundation of waterfowl success starts with your decoy spread. Here are the latest offerings that will fool wary migrators by adding realism to your set.

Avian-X AXP


The new oversize AXP full-body mallards have set the bar for field decoys. With molds created by world-champion carver Rick Johannsen, the AXPs are made from a durable rubberized material and feature a high-contrast paint scheme that makes them highly visible against the cluttered backdrop of a field. Propped atop a 17-inch stake, the decoys rotate with just a light breeze. Six-packs include four drakes in three positions and two hens in two positions. The package includes a slotted decoy bag. ($150/6;

Mojo Booty Shaker


One of the surest ways to add realism to any spread is to add motion. The crew at Mojo has made a lot of money on that premise, and their newest take is the Booty Shaker—a conversion paddle that can be added to your magnetic spinning-wing Mojo Mallard decoy. A counterweight collar fits over the hub of one wing, working in conjunction with a paddle that mounts on the underside of the decoy. The counterweight causes the paddle to vibrate, creating splashing and motion on the water. ($20;

Flambeau Storm Front


Flocked heads on decoys have become almost compulsory, and the new Storm Front mallard dekes are more economical than most. The six-pack includes drakes in three poses: active, skimmer, and rester. Two active hens and a rester accompany the drakes. The standard-size decoys feature a keel with three anchor-tie points—in front, in the middle, and in the back—as well as an eyelet that allows for easy changes in various water depths. ($80/6;

Cabela’s Northern Flight Full Bodies


Oversized, with a vibrant paint scheme featuring extra-strength adhesion to keep them from chipping and flaking, Northern Flight decoys come in a six-pack of four drakes and two hens in upright poses, ensuring great visibility. The ring bases allow for movement but have sound-dampening elements to keep them from spooking finishing birds. ($100/6;

Dakota Decoy Greenwing Teal


For teal hunters or those who just want to add variety to their big-duck spreads, these greenwing floaters provide maximum realism at a great price. Drakes are given a 24-step painting process and hens a 16-step progression, setting them apart from even more expensive blocks. Each set comes with six drakes and six hens in two body styles. ($99/12;

Greenhead Gear Pro-Grade Divers


GHG has added a pair of diver-duck decoys to its life-size Pro Grade lineup. The canvasback and redhead fakes are sold in packs of six, with four drakes and two hens in each. Both packs feature multiple positions: Canvasbacks come in high head, rester, and sleeper; redheads are posed as resters and sleepers only. ($70/6;