I picked up Katie from the airport and away we went… stopping to check in with some friends in Ogden and drop off some extra gear…. we made a quick detour at the grocery store in Logan and headed for the hills. We decided to make use of an opening in the Tony Grove Campground and basecamp out of there for a few days. We’ve settled into a great scouting pattern of glassing both mornings and evenings and hitting the hills during the day in search of sign…. we’re consistently finding 5 new bulls a day…. but we haven’t found anything exceptional……. YET! Maintaining a positive attitude considering the dense country and scorching heat is pretty easy being here with Katie…. today we found 14 elk during morning glassing and then took a swim in the lake before heading into Logan to catch up on the internet side of this project. We’ll be hitting the high country in search of bulls who’ve had it with these temperatures for the next few days leading up to the opener…. everywhere we look there seems to be elk…. now finding “THE ELK” worthy of my tag is consuming my thoughts….. we found a good watering area with three wallows yesterday… tracks everywhere… but Utah DWR manages it’s elk more around “Trophy” bulls…. not so much the “opportunity management system” that I’m used to living/hunting elk in Montana….. and by doing so they align the peak of the rut with the rifle season…. pre rut with the archery season…. this will make finding these bulls when they’re not bugling a serious challenge…. the elk are only out for a few minutes in the mornings and we’re seeing far fewer elk in the evenings….. this is the first time I’ve ever hunted elk outside of Montana….. it should make for a very interesting hunt!!!!

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Mark Seacat