Utah Elk Hunt: Day 2

August 25, 2009 Monroe Elk Hunt

I took a nap today. These two days have felt like a week that went by in an hour. We've been going non-stop since leaving Bozeman on Sunday, putting in long days and late nights to get here and get set. Now, suddenly, there is nothing to do; the drive is over, camp is set, my gear is dialed, we have a game plan. The mornings and evenings we will glass, but the days are hot and there's nothing to do.

I often feel guilty taking it easy, physically that is. If I don't hurt all over then I feel like I didn't try hard enough. I must have cut myself short and opportunities must have passed me by. This serves me well when climbing big mountains or hunting the Montana wilderness. But here, manic energy has few outlets. We could hike our asses all over this mountain, tromping aimlessly through the woods, but it is better just to sit and glass.

I want to see something. We could go elsewhere in the unit and see more elk, but we are here because this is where the monsters live. These old bulls didn't get old by being seen. They are smart. They are elusive. They are invisible.

I tell myself to have patience as it is only our second day on the hunt.

I pick up my book, lie on my pad, and study my maps.

I take a nap.

- Andrew Crow

August 25, 2009 Monroe Elk Hunt

I find myself working harder to find Andrew a bull than I did for myself in the Cache. I almost feel like that tag is already gone, my goal has changed, and Andrew's experience is more important now. I've been in this position before and I'm doing all I can to help ease the pressure Andrew's feeling. My eyes are sore from the combination of long hours glassing, dusty dirt roads, and Sunday's bear spray incident. To top it all off, we're dealing with the added pressure associated with being followed around by a film crew all the time… but we're definitely doing it right… our way, without faking anything and sticking to our ethics and hunting style.

I keep reminding myself and Andrew… The bulls are here… and we're going to bring one home.

- Mark Seacat

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