Dall Sheep Archery Hunt Day 2, T-minus 2 days until the opener

We hiked into base camp last night and met up with James Smith who had camp already set up. Three tents and a fire were awaiting our arrival. We immediately busted out the optics and began finding sheep. We ate sheep steaks cooked over the fire and good old Mountain House meals. We went to sleep excited to begin searching for Nate’s Ram first thing in the morning.

Waking up this morning to find another beautiful day we didn’t waste any time locating twelve ram. The elusive double groomer whom Nate has nicknamed The Janitor has yet to be spotted. But we have found three great ram that Nate would be stoked to get an opportunity to harvest. The biggest ram nicknamed Doyle is living 2500 feet above our camp in an almost impossible spot to hunt. I spent over two hours today watching him trying to figure out a plan that could put us within bow range. I don’t think it’s possible unless the snow fall forces him off the mountain. We’re looking forward to Lance’s arrival in camp tomorrow afternoon. We need an expert to evaluate all these sheep and get us into position. As I type I can glass all these ram. Not bad for sitting in camp drinking coffee.