As we all know, hunting elk is an unpredictable endeavor at best. You have to be flexible and adapt your strategy and approach to match the behavior of your quarry. Often times this leads you to places unknown and situations you would never predict. It is these very characteristics that make hunting so challenging and are most likely the very reasons we all love doing it!

Mark called me at the Mystery Ranch Monday morning to let us know that he was in Santa Fe, had just picked up his tag and was on his way to the ranch he is hunting. He informed me that they would be in the backcountry without cell signal for much of the hunt.

We used an awesome satellite communications system in Utah to send our blog posts to Outdoor Life so that you all could follow us as the hunt progressed day by day. Most of the time we were camped by our vehicles which provided us with easy access to an outlet that could recharge that equipment. It is hard to say what resources Mark has at his disposal in this remote location, but it is possible that he is experiencing some difficulty in keeping all the necessary equipment running smoothly. It is also possible that he got after a monster bull and being the obsessed and dedicated hunter he is, has been chasing him around the hills with whatever he had on his back when the bull was spotted.

Whatever the situation, be confident that Mark will come home with an awesome story and great photography that we will all enjoy thoroughly!

Keep checking in with us, there could be news from Mark any day!!

Andrew Crow