Stalking Dall Sheep

October 4th, Alaska Dall Sheep Archery Hunt.

I'm sitting downstairs at Lance's house, WARM AND DRY. We decided to switch drainages today after another round of rough luck. We finally had our chance to move in on "Doyle" and subsequently found another hunter an hour ahead of us on the mountain already approaching his location. Walking back to camp we decided to make the trip back to the trailhead and back to town to dry out and regroup for a five day hunt that will take us on a 30 mile loop through some great sheep country. With two stalks in four days, Nate's spirits are very high. The stalk we had on "Chocolate Swirl" the first day was amazing (we had come within 50 yards of him twice without knowing) and unfortunately he gave us the slip both times, but what a ram!

I apologize we haven't had the ability to share the photos and videos with you up until this point but due to our location on the planet (Alaska!!!) we need absolute clear views to the south and that's not going to happen while we're hunting in these mountains!!!

We're having a great time! Send some positive energy our way. Check out the videos for some sheep and hunting footage!!!